Kathmandu to Gosakunda Trek: How we travel our first long trek..

This article is my first blog post, and I want to share how I trek to route Kathmandu-Dhunche-Gosaikunda-Kathmandu. I am a student who traveled with my friends independently who does not belong to any travel agencies, so my experience of trekking Gosaikunda will be completely unbiased.

Saying I don’t have money to travel when you could buy clothes and accessories costing more than needed is entirely laughable. You can travel around Nepal in a small budget. We finish our whole journey in around Rs 6000 per person.

Trekking Route: Kathmandu-Dhunche-Gosaikunda-Kathmandu


Day 1: Ktm to Dhunche(1950m)

 We, three friends, started this journey after Dashain(Nepalese biggest festival).
  • We bought early morning tickets from Macchapokhari that cost us about Rs500.
  • It was about 7 am when I got on the bus and reach Dhunche at about 4 pm.
  • There are lots of hotels available in this place, and the price varies accordingly. I suggest sitting in hotels that are not on main roads but a bit away since they provide excellent service at cheap rates. It cost me about Rs 500 for dinner and room cost about Rs 800 – Rs 1000, which we divided into three of us.

Day 2: Dhunche to Cholangpaty(3600m)

wooden Bridge
wooden bridge
langtang trek
Jungle view
We wake up around 6 am and have some light breakfast in our hotel. Our hotel owner was friendly, and he even gets us a map and some tips. He suggests us to take Thukpa at Deurali and lunch Chandan Bari(Singhompa). Chandan Bari is a beautiful place, and we can see a great scene from this place. There is also DDC dairy, where you can get butter of Yak milk.
  We started our journey as his suggestions. This route is medium in terms of trekking, and we saw lots of people, especially tourists, was traveling alone, which looks excellent, but I suggest at least have some friends. We in-between keep seeing our Gosaikunda trek map. Young people reach Cholangpaty, but most people rest in Chandan Bari, then go up to Luaribina and then Gosaikunda. It takes about a full day to reach Cholanpaty, where we arrive approximately at 6 pm. There are two hotels in which you can choose where to stay overnight.
    We stayed in the first hotel we came by, and since the season was mid-October, which may be the high season, all rooms were packed, and we take dinner there. Dinner will be the same while trekking in these places since there are no roadways, and mostly we can get Daal, Bhat(Rice), Tarkari(green vegetables), and unique pickles.
langtang trek
Down the trails


Day 3: Cholangpaty to Gosaikunda

Gosaikunda trek

Gosaikunda TrekFrom the third day, we can get a real taste of Kathmandu – Gosaikunda’s journey. We should climb steep hills, and slowly trees and vegetation will disappear, seeing rocky mountains. We take some rest at Lauribina and then eat chiura and noodles near a small Buddha stupa. We realized that we are near our destination after walking for a few minutes. First we saw BhiravKunda then NagKunda, and finally, we saw beautiful Gosaikunda. I can’t explain the feeling after reaching there.

To reach Gosaikunda from Cholangpaty, it takes about 4 to 5 hours. There are some hotels in Gosaikunda. It is expensive to stay and eat in Gosaikunda, if you are in the budget I don’t suggest to stay there. We were planning not to return Dhunche but reach Kathmandu by crossing the pass. We bath in the lake then start our returning journey at noon. Usually, people love to go to Gosaikunda in the winter season when the lake is frozen.

Gosaikunda Trek
Buddha Mandir
Gosaikunda Trek
Langtang Trek


Gosaikunda Trek

Day 4: Gosaikunda to Phedi 

If we had left Gosaikunda a bit earlier, we would have reach Ghopte or Thadepati, but we take much time enjoying mother nature in Gosaikunda. After my insist, my friends decided to leave Gosaikunda, and I found that my Gosaikuna trekking map was also lost.  Most people return to Dhunche and reach Kathmandu by bus, but we highly recommend to do Dhune- Gosaikunda- Kathmandu route. After passing Lauribina pass, it’s steep downhill, which you can’t imagine. Our all mobiles were switched off, so we were unable to click photos there. It will be best if you guys get a power bank or solar charger, which most of the foreigners were taking with them.

Gosaikunda to Phedi is the hardest route of this journey. It’s slope route and no human settlement in between. There is not any hotel between this area, so we should have at least some beverage and water with each person while walking. After walking for long hours, we finally reach Phedi, where we found two hotels. I have heard from my friends that these hotels will close in the winter season, so if you guys are planning for the winter season, you guys should leave Gosaikunda fast or the next morning.


 Day 5: Phedi to Kutumsang

We ate our dinner there, and the next morning we started our journey early, maybe around 6 am. We reach Ghopte, where there are some hotels, but we didn’t take anything there and again when we reach Thadepati we took some food. We started seeing vegetation slowly when we were walking downhill. We had our lunch somewhere in between Thadepadi and Kutumsang.  At the end of Langtang National Park, there is checking by Army and then after we reach Kutumsang, Nuwakot, at about 5 or 6 pm. There are a small village and homestay rather than hotels. We finished our Day 5 here.

Day 6: Kutumsang to Kathmandu (by bus)

We wanted to reach Kathmandu entirely by walking, but due to some reasons, we have to reach Kathmandu much earlier, so we leave Kutumsang to Chanaute, and from there, we can get a bus to Kathmandu which will go via Melamchi. At 9 pm, we reach Chabahil, and our journey finished in this way.

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Thanks for reading my blog, and since this is my first blog, I am sorry if any mistakes are made and hoping for constructive advice.

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